About Via Lingua

About Via Lingua

The Organizations

Via lingua is a global educational organization, with schools and offices in numerous worldwide locations. The principal goals are to help students develop their English language teaching (TEFL) skills in a friendly and supportive environment and to provide them with employment opportunities throughout their TEFL career. To go beyond these goals Via Lingua raises the standards of English language teaching around the world.

The Course

TEFL TRAINING MEXICO is one of the first Teacher Training Courses in Mexico. We have been training teachers for more than fifteen years. We started in Ciudad Guzman in 2004. TEFL Training Mexico is dedicated to raise the quality of English language learning in our community and to raise the quality of life of its habitants, both professionally and personally. It is for this reason we take such pride in our TEFL certificate and hold each participant to such high quality standards. We believe in the ripple effect in that each life you touch positively will touch another’s the same, and hope that by giving EFL teachers the training they need, to make English teaching their career of choice, they will go out and instil the love of second language learning in others, and promote our mission of fostering international understanding and communication.


The objective of this TEFL certificate is to produce well trained teachers who will have the necessary skills and confidence to take up a teaching position anywhere in Mexico, which in turn will raise the standards of English language learning in Mexico.

Job Assistance Program

Through our Job Placement Assistance Program, 90% of our graduates have already found a job. Our graduates are working in several private and public schools in the south of Jalisco from kinder to university.